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May 2019 brings the releases of 3 brand new albums. My solo album "Hypocrite", CRANSTON "II", and LEGION "Rising". All these CD's are available on ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, and whatever platform you choose to use for rocking out. :-) I hope you enjoy all the music I have created on "Hypocrite". It was a lot of work and a lot of fun so please let me know what you think.

CRANSTON II- Paul Sabu and I came up with some killer tunes for our second Cranston release and his production rivals some of the greats. Check out the samples on the audio page.

LEGION "RISING". Ahhhhh, Vince O'regan and I are back together banging heads and crushing skulls with our melodic metal. It's so great to record with LEGION again and also to have a great record label like Rock Company behind us. We hope you dig the music. As with all the releases above, check out the audio page for the music.

Thank you to all the fans who have supported all the music created by me and my bands. It is DEEPLY appreciated. :-)


Keep your eye out for the new TRAGIK CD "The Power of Suggestion" to be released July 2019.


Keep Rockin'



Greetings fans and friends. Please excuse the lack of updates on this site. It's a full time job managing a website, making music, going to my daily job, spending time with family, and all the other things that get thrown at all of us from the "left field of life". :-)

Anyway, thanks to a one Mr. Watson, I have added a discography page showing all my various bands and solo releases. I've also tried to make the site more "eye friendly". Being colorblind, I wasn't aware some people were having trouble reading the text because of its blending in with the background images. Hopefully, I've solved that issue. :-) 

This winter will see the new Cranston II CD release on rock Company Records. We hope you like this collection of rocking tunes. Pauls Sabu is a master musician, songwriter AND producer. Please enjoy.

2019 will see my new solo album "Hypocrite" also released on Rock Company Records. These collection of songs are darker and heavier than my last solo CD .........but that's just the way I wanted it. :-) I hope you will enjoy listening to the songs as much as I enjoyed making them.

I have also been working with Vince O'Regan on a brand new Legion album. Yes, the band is back together but this time we will  hopefully be on Rock Company Records so anyone that boycotted us because of the "other" label that used to release our albums can now rest assured we have started anew with fresh and responsible management. This album is tentatively being titled "'Til Death Do Us Part". We're halfway through the recording process so expect another 2019 drop. I will keep the updates coming along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and special thanks to Mr. Watson for the kick in the ass. :-)  I needed it!!

Hello Rock Fans. This November will see the release of the brand new album by CRANSTON, titled "II". Phil Vincent, Paul Sabu and B.F. D'Ercole have created a massive follow-up to their 2016 debut. 11 heavy melodic rock tunes with a modern production that will blow you away!!! Check out the samples to "Always on the Run", "Wish I Had More Time", "Dead & Gone", "What's it Gonna Take" and "The Sad Truth". THIS is the way rock music should sound!!!

Yes, another TRAGIK release comes your way. The 7th album titled "Tainted". This is the album we've always wanted to make. a few heavy rockers, a few pop songs, a dance track with heavy guitars, some more hard rocking tunes, and a ballad that has a 3 minute shredding guitar solo in it. Yes, this is what Tragik is all about. We don't write one kind of music, we write ALL kinds of music. Sit back, crank it up, enjoy the journey. It's only just begun.......

Well here it is folks.....the 20th solo release from singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent. Available on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and all other fine CD outlets. This is the album that will set Phil apart from the pack. It contains 11 masterpieces all written and performed by Phil alone. Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars,'s all carefully crafted and put together for your enjoyment.

Add a few guest guitar solos by friends Paul Sabu, Vince O'Regan, Peter Cox, and Billy Roux and you've got one killer collection of heavy melodic rock.

Turn it up!!! LOUD!!!!

A brand new D'Ercole CD titled "No Place Like Home" will be released November 11, 2016. Check out 2 songs on the audio page. We hope you like this album as much as we liked making it. "No Place Like Home' is the 4th and best D'Ercole album yet. We finally were able to create an entire album without any outside influences from record label "experts" who actually knew very little about music. :-) It's time for every artist to control their own creations. Please crank this disc up as loud as you can. That's how we wanted to present it so wake the neighbors with the beautiful distorted sounds of D'Ercole "No Place Like Home". Available at CD Baby, Itunes, Spotify, and all other places good music is sold. Keep Rockin'  , Phil, Damian, B.F. Arnold- D'Ercole

Well it's been a few months since the release of our s/t CD CRANSTON and it's moving up the charts every week!! :-) Great news. Please check it out if you haven't already. Paul and I put so much passion and love into every note that it's very satisfying to know people are listening and appreciating our efforts.

On the other side of the coin is the release of a new Legion CD which includes songs written by Vince O'Regan and myself. These songs were ALREADY RELEASED under the name Phil Vincent & Vince O'Regan as "Unreleased I, II, III", available on Itunes in 2015!! The "record company" releasing this Legion CD DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO, and therefore violates copyright law. This isn't the first time this "record company" has released music without the artist's permission.

It's just another example of someone thinking they can do whatever they want because they're located in another country and feel no artist will spend the time or money trying to recoup damages and inflict consequences.........until NOW!!!!


This activity WILL stop. I guarantee it!!!


It's bad enough when illegal downloads threaten to undermine the music industry artists compensation but when the actual labels that are supposed to be promoting the music start to do the same thing and steal the music!!!!'s time to take action.


Stay tuned, but in the meantime, please DO NOT SUPPORT these so called "labels", (which usually only consists of one or two people), and make sure the artists who WRITE AND PERFORM the music are not cheated out of what little compensation they are due.

Let's work together to keep this machine rocking!! :-)


Phil Vincent is completing work on his 20th release with well known guitarist, songwriter, producer, and all around nice guy, Paul Sabu. The album has the working title "Ok, Now What?" and contains 10 tracks of melodic, sleazy, heavy, crunching rock that will surely satisfy all your melodic rock needs.

Sabu's production rivals any of today's major label releases and will definitely be on everyone's "must have" list.

Stay tuned for samples and get ready for Phil Vincent like you've never heard him.

Hello everyone.

Please take a moment to check out our new TRAGIK album "Come and Get It". CD Baby and Itunes are the main establishments where you can find it. I think it contains my best work.............but doesn't every musician say that when they're describing their new album!! :-) So YOU be the judge. Listen to the music and give me some feedback. Tell me what you think because, after all, I make music for YOU. :-)  Keep Rockin',  Phil

Hello again rockers. I hope you check out my 3, yes 3 new digital only albums.

"Unreleased I", "Unreleased II", and "Unreleased III". Combined, 26 songs for your listening pleasure. All written, recorded, produced, and performed by Phil Vincent & Vince O'Regan. Songs of power, melody, and soul that will remind you just how talented these 2 gentlemen are. Go to Itunes or follow these CD Baby links:

"Unreleased I"

"Unreleased II"

"Unreleased III"

Keep Rocking,  and remember YOU are the ones who help keep the music alive.

Ok folks. We have been hard at work on the next Tragik opus and it's finally completed. "Path of destruction" should be released in December 2014. It contains 9 massive tunes that will hopefully appeal to all lovers of fine melodic hard rock music. Included is the 16:46 song "Epic Failure" which should raise some eyebrows with its prog leanings and changing time signatures. Of course there's some tasty guitar solos from Legion's Vince O'Regan to spice up the pot. Watch this space for more info and get ready for "Path of Destruction" by Tragik. Rock Hard People!!! Phil V

New TRAGIK CD "Hunger" released today. Available at Cd Baby, Itunes,, and all digital outlets.

Check out "No Tomorrow" available for your listening pleasure in the Audio Page

Hope you like it.


Phil, Damian, Dirk  TRAGIK

Very eventful few weeks. Lost a dear friend on Sunday, .........feeling like I'm losing another dear friend.......and there's nothing I can do to stop it!!! A few songs came out of these events but I'm still feeling very sad. Life is funny, just when you think everything is great it throws a bunch of shit at you. All we can do is wipe it off and stand there waiting for the next pile to come our way!! :-)

Phil V.

Just a little update:

Halfway into my next release. The songs are coming together very nicely. Using new guitars and mixing board. Very sweet. New snare & kick pedal too. Also working on a project with David Prater and David Zychek. Very HEAVY!!!! I'm also in touch with the mighty Paul Sabu coordinating a plan to record some killer tunes together.

Ahhhhh...........the beauty of really does keep me alive!!!!

Take care all,


Phil V.

Finally, after a long hard search.....Boston's finest get their man!!! Thanks to the people who keep us safe. God Bless,



My sympathy to the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. It's just another reminder of how crazy this world is and how we all must stick together to try to get through these hard times. God Bless,



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