TRAGIK "Hunger"

New TRAGIK CD "Hunger" released today. Available at Cd Baby, Itunes,, and all digital outlets.

Check out "No Tomorrow" available for your listening pleasure in the Audio Page

Hope you like it.


Phil, Damian, Dirk  TRAGIK


Strange Week

Very eventful few weeks. Lost a dear friend on Sunday, .........feeling like I'm losing another dear friend.......and there's nothing I can do to stop it!!! A few songs came out of these events but I'm still feeling very sad. Life…


New Music

Just a little update:

Halfway into my next release. The songs are coming together very nicely. Using new guitars and mixing board. Very sweet. New snare & kick pedal too. Also working on a project with David Prater and David…



Finally, after a long hard search.....Boston's finest get their man!!! Thanks to the people who keep us safe. God Bless,




My sympathy

My sympathy to the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy. It's just another reminder of how crazy this world is and how we all must stick together to try to get through these hard times. God Bless,