CRANSTON is now available. Phil Vincent, Paul Sabu, and B.F. D'Ercole have created a masterpiece of modern melodic hard rock. Check it out now.

Phil Vincent XX -

Brand new hard rocking CD from Phil Vincent.

TRAGIK "The Power of Suggestion" -

Brand new TRAGIK album "The Power of Suggestion"

TRAGIK "Tainted" -

TRAGIK "Tainted"



LEGION "Rising" -

LEGION "Rising"

D'Ercole "Made to Burn" -

D'Ercole "Made to Burn"

Phil Vincent "Hypocrite" -

Phil Vincent "Hypocrite"

No Place Like Home_D'Ercole -

Melodic hard rock of the highest order. Featuring Vince O'Regan and Peter Cox on guitars

Nemesis_LEGION -

Heavy melodic metal with shredding guitar and hooks galore. Another LEGION classic

Code of Honour_LEGION -

Classy melodic metal including the hits "Steal the Show", "Long Way Down" and "Hard Times".

Animal Inside_LEGION -

Massive hooks along with metal shredding of the highest order. Vocals by Phil Vincent. Guitars by Vince O'Regan.

Tempest_LEGION -

Crushing metal from this UK/US hybrid.

Legion_LEGION -

Debut album from this metal powerhouse. Features the hits "Where Were You" and Coming for You"


5th strike from metal cohorts Vince O'Regan and Phil Vincent. Be prepared for a shredding onslaught.


Double album by Cranston's hard rocking vocalist/guitarist/drummer/songwriter. Massive hooks combined with pristine production. Features "Long Hard Road".