New D'Ercole CD "No Place Like Home"

A brand new D'Ercole CD titled "No Place Like Home" will be released November 11, 2016. Check out 2 songs on the audio page. We hope you like this album as much as we liked making it. "No Place Like Home' is the 4th and best D'Ercole album yet. We finally were able to create an entire album without any outside influences from record label "experts" who actually knew very little about music. :-) It's time for every artist to control their own creations. Please crank this disc up as loud as you can. That's how we wanted to present it so wake the neighbors with the beautiful distorted sounds of D'Ercole "No Place Like Home". Available at CD Baby, Itunes, Spotify, and all other places good music is sold. Keep Rockin'  , Phil, Damian, B.F. Arnold- D'Ercole