November 2018 update.

Greetings fans and friends. Please excuse the lack of updates on this site. It's a full time job managing a website, making music, going to my daily job, spending time with family, and all the other things that get thrown at all of us from the "left field of life". :-)

Anyway, thanks to a one Mr. Watson, I have added a discography page showing all my various bands and solo releases. I've also tried to make the site more "eye friendly". Being colorblind, I wasn't aware some people were having trouble reading the text because of its blending in with the background images. Hopefully, I've solved that issue. :-) 

This winter will see the new Cranston II CD release on rock Company Records. We hope you like this collection of rocking tunes. Pauls Sabu is a master musician, songwriter AND producer. Please enjoy.

2019 will see my new solo album "Hypocrite" also released on Rock Company Records. These collection of songs are darker and heavier than my last solo CD .........but that's just the way I wanted it. :-) I hope you will enjoy listening to the songs as much as I enjoyed making them.

I have also been working with Vince O'Regan on a brand new Legion album. Yes, the band is back together but this time we will  hopefully be on Rock Company Records so anyone that boycotted us because of the "other" label that used to release our albums can now rest assured we have started anew with fresh and responsible management. This album is tentatively being titled "'Til Death Do Us Part". We're halfway through the recording process so expect another 2019 drop. I will keep the updates coming along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and special thanks to Mr. Watson for the kick in the ass. :-)  I needed it!!