Greetings music lovers.

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May 2019 brings the releases of 3 brand new albums. My solo album "Hypocrite", CRANSTON "II", and LEGION "Rising". All these CD's are available on ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, and whatever platform you choose to use for rocking out. :-) I hope you enjoy all the music I have created on "Hypocrite". It was a lot of work and a lot of fun so please let me know what you think.

CRANSTON II- Paul Sabu and I came up with some killer tunes for our second Cranston release and his production rivals some of the greats. Check out the samples on the audio page.

LEGION "RISING". Ahhhhh, Vince O'regan and I are back together banging heads and crushing skulls with our melodic metal. It's so great to record with LEGION again and also to have a great record label like Rock Company behind us. We hope you dig the music. As with all the releases above, check out the audio page for the music.

Thank you to all the fans who have supported all the music created by me and my bands. It is DEEPLY appreciated. :-)


Keep your eye out for the new TRAGIK CD "The Power of Suggestion" to be released July 2019.




Keep Rockin'